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We're really talking now.

Asuka pulled her hood down, adjusted her glasses. Palms open. Lean forward, like therapists were supposed to. Cuz that's what this little talk was about, right? It was about being therapists for each other. Hopefully she was doing this right.

So this girl was capable of some self-awareness. Not like Asuka had assumed she wasn't. She wasn't a hypocrite, remember? And yeah, it was hard as hell not to resent people sometimes, hard as hell to remember that they have feelings and they're complex and shit when they don't do anything to let you relate to them.

Yeah. Says the girl who literally never talks or shares secrets or opens up to anyone. And here she was, assuming that no one else ever thought about this shit, assuming that she was so fucking special for thinking that everyone's special. That's the thing, though. It didn't have to be like this if people would talk about the flaws and vulnerabilities and all that shit that made them special. But nobody sees a thing, and nobody sees that anyone else is looking. That's why everything was a fucking tragedy.

So this, well, this was a dream come true. Melodramatic, probably untrue, but she'd take what she could get.

"I feel ya. It's like, what even is the point, you know? No one to talk to, and, like, why the fuck am I studying this hard, you know? When I don't give a shit about money, I mean. Like, learning for learning's sake is cool and all, but other than that I don't want any of the stuff I'm working for. And, like, I care about the people around me on a conceptual basis but I don't care about any of the shit I do with them because we don't do shit worth doing together. So I might as well get away from all that".

Damn, she'd almost forgotten about the concert. She really cared more about talking with this girl, would've skipped the whole thing to talk to her if she could, money be damned. But Lili actually seemed invested in this concert, and they wouldn't get anywhere if she wanted to get back to the concert the whole time. So Asuka shrugged her shoulders when Lili said to move to the front.

"Fine by me."
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