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Sandy was gone - that was about as predictable as Audrey could expect. Honestly, she didn't feel like making him anything like a partner in her endeavors; she knew enough times from group projects that one bad egg can spoil the rest. Audrey wondered whether her rather immature comparison to inane high school classes was a coping mechanism brought upon by her subconscious in a meager attempt to compartmentalize further, in order to prevent her from becoming a stress zombie that was prone to anxiety attacks. Whatever.

Audrey looked to Alvaro, suddenly now noticing the wounds on his face. Her eyes shot wide, her mind now far away from Sandy What's-His-Name. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed, rushing to his side. Many, many long memories of her mother nursing her wounds when she was a little girl rushed to her mind as she quickly brought out her bag. She fished around for the medical kit. "You need to get some help, stat." She propped him up against the wall, quietly urging him to keep his body straight.

"Alright, well..." She remembered that she had to ice the area of the wounds, but she doubted there was any ice. However, there were alcohol pads and bruises hardly ever came without scrapes. That would almost certainly cause more pain than the bruises themselves. Audrey pulled out a bottle of, what was that, ibuprofen? "You should take these," she said, holding out to him another pair of pills - this time painkillers. "Here..." She took a bit of the pads - not too much - and started treating where he had been hit. "How the hell did you get so badly injured, anyway? Are people already... you know, killing each other?" She lifted his chin, holding onto it with her small fingers so she could more clearly see and access his wounds.

"Hey, Danny?" She turned to the larger boy. "Do you know what could've caused wounds like these? Are they bad? Fatal?"
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