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“Looks like it's on the edge of running out. I'm going to keep looking,” Lily said.

She could tell from the grumpiness in Jasmine's voice that she'd noticed the slight. Or perhaps was peeved about Coleen leaving. Either way.

“Well, we're all hostages. And at the same time, we're also the ones expected to kill each other, so in a sense we're also filling the role of the, uh… hostage taker. Except for the part where the terrorists are holding a gun to our head so we'll do that.”

Right. So, if Lily… if Lily had to kill someone, it wouldn't be her fault. She was a hostage. That's what she needed to do to live.

And there, in a drawer. Jackpot. A few pencils, with varying degrees of sharpness. Lily tested one on the notepad. Also faint, but a pencil couldn't run dry. She put a couple on the table near Jasmine, as well as tearing off a good amount of the notepad and putting it there.

“In case you want it,” she said.

She couldn't find the words to say that she was sorry about being so distrusting. No hard feelings. That's just the game. Maybe the notepad and pencils would be enough to show that. She put her half of the notepad inside her bag, along with the pencils, before slipping past Jasmine carefully.

“I'm going to go, too,” Lily said. She only said this once she was clear of Jasmine. “I'm sure you have your own… things… you want to do?”

Jasmine might want to look for Caedyn. Lily definitely didn't want to be around for that. She still had to decide whether she wanted to find her cousins. The idea made her stomach squirm for a lot of reasons.
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