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((Alba Reyes continued from Morphogenetic Fear))

Alba hummed to herself as she and Bryony walked along the beach. All things considered, it was a nice day, and it was refreshing to be near the water. If this was a camping trip or something, she might have actually enjoyed her time here. But if this was a camping trip, they could all go swimming and hiking without worrying about the explosives around their necks and the fear of death. Alba shook those thoughts out of her head. This wasn't the time for that. She and Bryony had to get somewhere warm.

As they walked, Alba noticed they were coming up to some nearby docks. Alba smiled.

"Hey, maybe there's a boathouse or something we can take a break in," Alba said to Bryony.

Alba looked further ahead and realized there was someone else there. There was someone up ahead smoking. It looked like there was someone else nearby too. Alba couldn't entirely make them out, but she figured it would be good to greet them.

She waved her left hand in the air and shouted at them.

"Hey! Are you guys friendly?"

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