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"Yeah I think we should go." The bell was a good sign. It meant people wouldn't be ready to kill each other just yet. "Worst case scenario nobody else comes." The real worse case scenario was that it would be a trap; but Jonathan did not want to think of it that way. Even then, while it was a very real chance, there was also a very real chance their group was better armed, and maybe Barry could diffuse the situation.

Then, there were the best case scenarios. Everyone would be waiting outside for a plan of some sort. They could keep violence down, hell, they could remove it. They could plan an escape, or worse comes to worse... Danya said if nobody died, they'd all die. Maybe... Maybe that'd be for the best? They would still die, but they'd be the victors. They'd prove the terrorists wrong. All that money, all of that planning, it'd all be for naught. They'd die, but they would die spitting in the face of the terrorists.

There was also the fact that they could escape. They plan something out, turn off the collars. Some of them would die, but most could live. They could get off the island, maybe get the army to help. Maybe they could put an end to it once and for all. They could still live or die, and this was all hopeful thinking, but it was possible.

Then there would be the middle ground, the most realistic option. Not many people there. Just enough looking for refuge or a plan. Kind of like their current situation. They could all group up, make a pact. Stick together, find their friends. Or, through sheer paranoia the group would tear itself apart...

There were so many ways it could go down. Some good, some bad. But whatever the outcome is, it will be better than just standing here waiting to die. Sitting here, nothing would get done, and everything Jon has ever done in his life would amount to nothing. He wouldn't go out like that.

"We're going to the bell tower. I think it's our only choice if we want to live."

It was blunt, but it was true.
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