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... Jasmine could not stop herself from turning her head and peeking through the window just to see if Coleen was still there. Clearly her priorities were in the right place. Her eyes narrowed. Her hand balled up into a fist. She relaxed it soon after, but the anger still churned in her belly. Ugh. That was so rude. Jasmine hated when people were rude like that.

The pen, though. Lily didn't take the pen. Jasmine was confused at first, but now she had an idea of what Lily meant by 'check if you aren't sure'. What, did she think Jasmine poisoned the pen?? Because the point was dull. Jasmine wasn't going t be stabbing anyone with a pen. The thought didn't even occur to her, until now.

Jasmine grunted. She snatched the piece of paper, mold be damned, and rubbed the pen back and forth. It took a minute, and it was faint, but there was still ink. The pen still worked.

"There. It works."

There was no hint of spite in her voice, but it was clear she was irritated by something. Why was Jasmine irritated? Because of Coleen? Of Lily? Not even Jasmine was sure why, she just was irritated. They were just tangential.

"She could have told us she was leaving," Jasmine added, because she could not not say anything. "It wasn't like we were holding her hostage."

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