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Cameron Herrig continued from Nature's Predators

So she was done a foot. Not the greatest start to the rest of her life, however long that was going to be. On the plus side she had...shit...what did she have? It seemed unlikely that she was going to get her hands on a bike, she didn't have her guitar and she had no body paint. In summary she needed new party tricks, being the one-legged woman at the ass-kicking contest wasn't going to cut it. As things were Mel was helping, she wasn't able to put any weight on her foot or ankle so having someone to lean on allowed her to still keep up a good pace.

It was also a comfort thing, someone she knew however little. Someone to travel with and co-operate with. It was better than travelling alone. Cameron didn't know how she would have coped with being alone.

They had managed to craft a splint at least and were heading to get ice. Proper first-aid was looking to be a priority considering the life and death, she wouldn't be able to run though. That had the potential to turn into a problem.

"Good idea." Cameron grinned as they hopped after the figure with Mel's help. "Don't need them shooting us by accident."

All the same Cameron would have loved to have her pickaxe. If only for comfort.
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