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((Brendan Harte continued from No Way To Survive))

Brendan was uneasy as he approached the cabin and he just hesitated outside of the entrance. He didn't know why he didn't want to waltzes right in. He just had a bad gut feeling. And he actually thought it would be a good idea for him to go here. He really needed to make up his mind. He needed to stop being so scared. He just needed to open the door and....

There might be someone waiting in there with a gun or a knife or something else that is better than your silly little can, Brendan. You can always just run away again, you know.

No, no. Brendan tried to block out the negative thoughts. He needed to be strong. His hand reached out to the door. He then paused. Should he at least use his can of cat food as a distraction? If someone was prepared to attack.... Maybe not out of the desperation of killing to get back home. But well.... To protect themselves out of fear? He hoped that he wasn't thinking in a naive way. He was now just pondering.

He decided against getting the can out. He knew that it might not be a smart move for him to do. He stared at the door. And he wondered if he could find anything in there. Maybe a better weapon. Which he did need. He took a step back from the door as he thought that he heard something and he just stayed there. Was it just his imagination going a bit crazy? He had no idea.

He needed to stop being like this. He just needed to go in and seeing if anyone was in there. It might have just been an animal anyway. He would feel even more foolish if he got terrified by an animal. He moved back towards the door and his hand gripped onto the handle.

He slowly pushed it open and he let out a shaky breath that he had been holding in. Then he peek inside of the cabin. He wasn't going to go inside yet. He was trying to be cautious.
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