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Hmm. Maybe it would have been a good idea to have taken at least a glance at the map before closing her bag. She hadn’t really given it a second thought until now; she’d just wanted to get her stuff packed and ready to go. It wasn’t exactly easy to go anywhere, however, when you didn’t know where anything was.

Did that really matter too much, though? Maybe it would be to their benefit if they didn’t have a location to aim for set in stone. For a start, whilst she didn’t want to run around like a headless chicken, Bryony had a gut feeling that getting too attached to plans would only end in disaster. The longer this whole situation lasted, the more things would fall apart, and the easier it would be for your tightly wound strategy to unravel and scatter to the winds.

Maybe, too, if they spent a lot of time just wandering, walking the island until they tired themselves out, they would avoid the majority of unsavoury folks. They would go straight to any notable landmarks, right?

But then again, it would be a lot harder to actually meet any of her friends again, if they were intentionally avoiding anywhere that even looked like it would have groups in for as long as possible, and just wandering the island’s plains and fields.

Ugh. All this was doing was giving Bryony a headache. Maybe it would be for the best to put this all to one side for now and contemplate it when they had found somewhere to settle in.

“That, um, sounds fine to me,” Bryony said, nodding. She picked her bag up, now thankful she hadn’t been given anything particular heavy as a weapon, and slung it onto her back, just as a particularly strong sea breeze hit them, snaking its way through every small gap in Bryony’s clothing. She wrapped her arms around herself, shivering, and looked pleadingly at Alba.

“But, um, could we possibly try and find somewhere warm to go to?”

Somehow, a smile had crept onto her face as she spoke. Bryony tried to maintain it as she started walking. Smiles were going to be few and far between over the next few days. She needed to make the most of them whilst she could.

((Bryony Adams continued in The Gadfly Cometh))


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