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Conrad recognised the other voice, but could not recall who it was. Another reason why he should not go up there. Clarice told him to stay here if he was not trusting them.


He shortly considered leaving, but he could not leave Clarice alone. He did not want to be alone either. But she was already gone, upstairs. He waited for some moments. Should he follow her, help her if the people up there were hostile? Or go outside, risk his girlfriend getting killed due to her not being cautious? He waited. He thought. Clarice would do fine alone, he was certain. If the people upstairs attacked her, she'd just knock them out. Conrad could leave, find Maria perhaps. But.

He could not leave Clarice alone. He just could not.

Leaving now would be a death sentence to Conrad. There were certainly people out there who wanted to kill. Conrad did not want to die with the last memory of her being angry at him for not trusting Nancy. He did not want to split up and die. He did not want to never see her again. It was fortunate enough that he met her in the first place.

Conrad slowly began to walk up the stairs.
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