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They were already dead. That was a thought.

It was... strange. When Asha laughed, Wayne felt a crazy laugh bubbling and scratching in his throat, and he pressed it down, deep down, and hoped it would never resurface. It was funny, but not the right kind of funny.

If he'd already decided he didn't deserve to live more than the others, if he was already dead by all accounts, why was his heart beating so fast at the thought? Why was it so hard to accept? Why didn't he just throw his ill-gotten supplies and the knife they'd given him to the winds, pitch them right above the razor tips of the fence to watch them skitter down the cliffs into the ocean?

"They should have just bombed our bus. Like all the other terrorists out there. Just... just think about all the trouble they could have saved themselves." He gave a dark chuckle. "That's terror. Life ending just like that. All this shows is that teenagers can be shitty people too."

That came probably a little too close to cracking the facade than he felt comfortable with. He let out a breath, tried to force himself back to a semblance of stability.

"I'd need some time, anyway. I wouldn't know what to say right now."
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Time steals us all away one day, does it not? · Northwest Cliffs