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Yeah, it was definitely Nancy. And... Jeremy? Hmm, that was a little more mixed. Jeremy was… not the worst. But sometimes his ideas were dumb, and sometimes he and Clarice argued. Generally they were cool after they were done, though. It wasn't like Bradley, who always said the shit he knew would piss off Clarice the most.

But Conrad didn't want to go up there.

Fuuuuck that. What was with Conrad, anyway? Why'd he even bother following her if he wanted to avoid the first person they met?

“Then go and hide wherever Maria hid,” Clarice snapped. “I'm not going to go hiding and picking who's good enough to try and survive with. That paranoia shit's what those assholes want us to do. No-one's happy to be here, and if I don't trust them… well, I can't expect them to trust me, can I? So I'm going up there. And I'm gonna be friendly, and ring that fucking bell, and be friendly to whoever turns up.”

With that, she headed up the stairs. They were steep, and a little trying even with her level of fitness. But soon enough, she made it to the top. Sure enough, Nancy and Jeremy.

“One of you two ring the bell? Because that was my idea, and I don't appreciate the theft.” Clarice's tone was light, though, and she grinned at both of them cheerily. The grin got a little smaller at the realization that both of them were armed—damn, was that a gun Jeremy had?—but hey, they hadn't attacked her yet.
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