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Dorothy sat down, still clutching her duffel bag like a life buoy. She tried make herself as small as possible, concentrated in one spot. She didn't want the people to look at her. The people watching her from behind the cameras, that is. The idea that someone was enjoying, other than terrorists obviously, watching her scared her. Maybe those people were the teachers from her school or her parents.

Those weren't so bad, chances are, they were worrying about her classmates and herself. However, the idea of voyeurs peeping in to look at kids murdering each other for enjoyement was repulsing. She felt disgusted because of those masked viewers, hiding behind their computers, having their own sick fantasies.

How was she suppose to tell that to Asha and Wayne?

She knew she couldn't just go: "I'm thinking about everybody watching us," or "Hey, do you think the people looking at us are creeps or perverts?" She felt if she did, she would encourage the terrorists, make them win, make them happy. They wanted her to break and to ache, to question herself and kill someone. She wouldn't let them have that victory over her.

Dorothy twirled her finger around the fence. She kept her eyes on the ocean, thinking about swimming away and leaving this island. She wanted to see a ship at large, coming to save them. She wanted to hear a helicopter's gusts of artificial wind. She wanted to be saved from this place.

But nobody was coming. She knew that. Nobody would save them. To save them, they'd have to know where they are, the students had to communicate with the outside world, but how? Doing smoke signals would just bring out students that could be out of blood. And then an idea came.

"I'm thinking about our parents and families and friends back home. Maybe we could talk to them through a camera or write something down and show the message."

She thought about writing a will but she couldn't let the terrorists have a win.
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