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Aiden loved being surprised, so he did. Ranging from birthday presents to getting himself pushed into a pool on some party, it was all there. This wasn't an exception, nope.
He jumped back a little when a blue gal materialized in front of him out of the goddamn blue. "Holy...!"

Girl raised up her hands, he followed her example, like he was standin' in front of the weirdest mirror he had ever seen. Took his confusy-fused brain another sec to realize he had just almost headbutted straight into Raina. His first instinct after raising his hands to the sky was showing off his usual grin, though he had no fucking time to do anything else after that, not even get a greeting out or anything.

Nother faced turned the corner, no face, more like a mug. Familiar mug though, the best kind of mug. Fucking Johnny boy, right there in the flesh, on his own odyssey featuring Raina - and apparently Alice too, caught her face somewhere behind the other two.

Yeah, Aiden was a little slow and shit. All he really did was getting his grin going even wider and lowering his hands back down, then he already had his head pressed to the dude's chest. "What the what-"

Still hadn't gotten a single sentence out. He did react now though, started to chuckle, then laugh like he had just witnessed the best joke since fried ice cream. Just, fuck, this was too much, he had to let it out. Whole situation was just goddamn hilarious, Johnny of all people going Sharon on his ass, hugging him and all. Unlike her, Johnny had a distinct note of musk going for him though aka bein' sweaty and stuff. "Hey, glad to see you too man. " Got that one out between two snorts.

He wriggled free, still schuckling a bit, then went back two steps, get himself some breathing room. Yup, goold old Johnny right there, Raina and Alice in tow. Nice, really fucking nice. Finally ran into some people with some sense in here, no offense to any of the others he'd met, but still. He knew Johnny was a smart cookie - yeah, not with life choices and shit, but he had good instincts, knew a little bout something, so he had to have figured this whole shit out. Then again, why'd he hug him like that if that was the case? Kinda overreaction there. Didn't make sense if - well, he was gonna find out sooner or later.

"Hi guys." He gave them a two fingered salute. "Nice runnin' into you. Teamed up with Scarley here, but yeah, you prolly already figured." He snuffled, going for his bag that he had dropped when Johnny pulled him close, then looked up to them while still squatted on the ground.

"You lookin' for the exit on this place too?"
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