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((Melanie Beckett continued from Nature's Predators))

She probably couldn't do this.

She'd forgotten to immobilize Cameron's foot, for one. After a lifetime of soccer, it wasn't like she'd never seen a foot injury before, and it sure wasn't like she'd never sprained her own ankle stepping in a divot or just landing on her foot at the wrong angle. So what she knew and should have known was that the first thing to be done was almost definitely to keep the foot tied up so it wasn't flopping around, but instead, she'd started Cameron moving almost right away.

No big deal, really. She didn't beat herself up about things like that.

But like, it didn't paint her in the best light as actually being a responsible individual. She wasn't about to let Cameron keep hurting just because her brain had been out of sorts for a while.

Mel had cracked open the first aid kit in her bag when she'd remembered and found some bandages. They had looked clean, and while she guessed she appreciated that and Elmo, it had seemed again a little wrong to feel grateful to the terrorists for providing her with free stuff. So she didn't. It was good that the bandages were there. Nothing more. They'd taken her cell phone and her mom's camera, anyway, so the trade sucked.

The only thing left to find had been something solid that she could use to keep Cameron's foot still inside the wrappings. She'd considered the flashlight (too useful), the tins of crackers (too unwieldy), Elmo (no), and just adding yet another item onto their list of things to find (that seemed like the best bet).

She'd been in luck. The B housing block had looked like a tornado had hit it. When they had reached it, she had eased Cameron into a sitting position against one of the walls and investigated the rubble strewn around. After finding a broken chair leg - one that hadn't rotted through completely with time - she had ground it against the wall until the broken end smoothed out a bit. Best not to have the splint splinter. Then she'd wrapped and bound the foot.

Well, she was no medic. Only thing to do was hope she'd done all right.

A glance through the broken windows had shown that there seemed to be no one there, though she couldn't have been sure that was no one still hiding in the other rooms or the hallway or whatever. She'd just have to check back later. They'd have to loop back around and cross the bridge eventually, anyway - there was no way they could make it down the slopes on the map in their condition.

The ocean would have to wait a bit, though. She had a good inkling of where to find ice.

They made their way slowly towards the pub, Mel still cushioning some of Cameron's weight. She wasn't liable to collapse or anything, but she was increasingly beginning to think that a makeshift cane or crutch would also be a great addition to the list. Struggling to get anywhere also tended to put a damper on any conversation, although she'd tried her best to make small talk (tattoos were still great; she sorta regretted not getting one now that getting a job was the furthest thing from her mind).

Seeing the back of somebody with a hoodie disappearing around the corner of the pub presented a dilemma. Figure out who that was, find ice, figure out that was... She shifted her weight a bit under Cameron's for only a moment of indecision before impulse took over.

"Hey!" she shouted, cupping one hand around her mouth, Cameron's pickaxe still in a loose grip in the other. "Coming in behind you!" Best case, she could do both.
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