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Scarlett should have known that she and Aiden would have bumped into other people sooner than later. She didn't know whether she should have been relieved or uneasy about knowing the two new arrivals. Raina Rose seemed to be on guard a little. That didn't surprise Scarlett as she would have freaked out if she had bumped into Raina instead. She possibly would have screamed as well. And then felt like a fool for doing so. The other person was Johnny McKay who she didn't really interact with that much. However, it seemed like he and Aiden were buddy-buddy. So she guessed these two weren't going to start a fight. Not like she was thinking that they would. She was just being a bit paranoid. Being stuck in this horrid place possibly didn't help either.

".....Hey, it's nice to see some familiar faces. Are you guys alright?" Scarlett was being polite for now as she was calming down a little in the others' presence. "Are you two alone as well? We're trying to find a way out of here."

Scarlett wanted to be honest with Raina and Johnny right away. It wouldn't hurt to have more allies as long as Aiden didn't try to rush off again. Just like with Jonathan, Barry and that other girl. Scarlett was standing behind Aiden so she took a step to the left side of him. So that she had a better view of the other two.
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