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Lili loosely knew Scout from school. The two were in the same grade, after all, so they had shared a few of the same classes from time to time. Lili saw Scout trying to move around the group and winced when Kaitlyn called out her name. Oh, can't she just leave her alone? she thought, Why can't she just leave anyone alone? Lili looked in Scout's direction and smiled wearily, an awkward smile that she hoped sent the message that she wasn't really here of her own free will either.

Even though Alan had responded pretty well to Lili's offer, Kaitlyn made her best effort to squash the deal before it was set in stone, ranting on at Alan's harmless comment about Libertarians and whatnot. By "Mabes," Kaitlyn probably meant Tessa, who Lili knew by name as a somewhat outspoken girl interested in politics and folk music, the latter of which interested Lili far more than the former. Was she also on the island? More than likely so. Lili vaguely remembered seeing her board the bus before her.

A bar for a quarter of a loaf? Lili didn't really remember how many slices that would be, but she knew it was far smaller than a full loaf. Lili couldn't let that slide. She was starting to get hungry again, even though she had eaten not too long ago. After Kaitlyn made a comment about the bridge being the heart of the island or something, Lili spoke. "How about I give you the bar for half of a loaf?" Lili asked, "Meet me in the middle?" Lili was not used to negotiating in any sense of the word, but she figured she wasn't doing too poorly for herself.

Then Kaitlyn asked her name. Eye-patch hadn't even asked Lili for her name - Lili just sort of offered it up - so this was the first time since she woke up that people were asking her what to call her by. Maybe she could make up a fake name, she thought? No, that would only complicate things later on. It was time, then, to cough up her real identity. She struggled a bit on the wording in her mind, in the space of just a second or two that felt like hours to her, and then opened her mouth to speak.

"You can call me Lili," She said, "Lili Williams." There. That was a rather harmless way of putting it, right? Informative and succinct, without any flare for drama or theatrics. Hopefully it was a neutral enough statement that it wouldn't set anyone off, right? Lili didn't want any more trouble than she had already been given. She made an effort to stand up a bit straighter. Lili Williams. Right, that was who she was. Was she someone else for a minute, just then? No, of course not. She had always been Lili. Always.

Except to her parents. To her parents, she was named Liling Wan still, even if they didn't call her by it. Her birth name, a footnote from her early childhood. She had almost forgotten it just now, standing at the toll booth. What exactly reminded her of it, Lili wasn't sure, but she took the name and held on to it tightly, like she would a kite caught in a summer gale. She wasn't going to let herself forget it.
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