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Barry immediately took notice of Jonathan's reaction to his gun. Admittedly, he didn't know very much about guns, but just from Jonathan's face, he could tell that he had a good one on his hands. Still, he didn't have any plans of using it in the near future, at least not outside of the most dire situations. He had never really considered himself the aggressive type, and violence didn't come naturally to him at all. He was more of a talker. He hoped to rely more on speech than shooting, but he supposed that it was nice to have his options open.

Wow... just thinking like that made Barry a little uncomfortable. Were the terrorists already starting to get into his head? He shook it off and tried to focus on the task at hand.

Then he heard the bell. It was a muffled, distant sound thanks to their current location, but there was no mistaking it. Before Barry could ask, Jonathan had already pointed out the Bell Tower on the island. It was surprisingly close. The walls must have been better at absorbing sound that he had expected. Jonathan proposed the idea of heading for the Bell Tower, an idea that gave Barry some pause.

Barry started thinking out loud. "Well, the bell sounded, so there's probably going to be at least some people there." He figured that the bell would cause most people to either head for the tower or deliberately move away, but he knew that someone had to be there in order to make it ring in the first place. "Could be dangerous, but we've also got a chance to get some more people on our side. Plus, a bigger group means a better shot at getting out of here."

He turned to Jonathan and Tina. "So what do you guys think? Yay or nay?"
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