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((Vanessa Stone continued from デビュー))

Vanessa was listening to Jae’s complaints with the occasional ‘mhm’ or ‘aha’ of acknowledgement, but it was about as fascinating to listening to as someone bitching about stairs could be. That, and she was still a little distracted by this whole impending death thing and the fact a harmless cafe guy had mauled half of Jae's face off.

She was glad to see that Jae’s brace hadn’t fallen apart so far, though. The thought of him falling over being unable to carry himself anymore, meaning that she’d have to drag him along, was one of the last things she wanted to have to deal with. Well, that or getting murdered; that was undesirable too.

When they finally came to the door at the top of the stairs, she paused with her hand on the handle. “Shush.” She muttered in response to Jae, trying to make out the voices on the other side. No such luck.

Eh, fuck it.

Opening the door, she spotted Cass and Trav enjoying each other’s company at the edge of the roof. Neither of them known to her, personally; she knew them from around the school, familiar faces from the hall, but not people who hung out in her cliques. More importantly, neither of them were Cams, so that sucked.

Still, Jae’d made the effort to climb up the stairs and they were here now, so if nothing else she might as well say hey. Hell, maybe one of them had ran into her BFF so far and could give her pointers?

“Yo guys! Sup?”
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