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A shriek had filled the room, followed by a stream of light pointed towards the new person. It was swiftly followed by a snarl.

Emma still held on tight to the chair, her knees wobbling some. Jaime was a bit of a hothead at school, that she knew. She’d developed a reputation for arguing with teachers, and while she did have some legitimate arguments she still was a stubborn girl. Being a stubborn person wasn’t that much of a bad thing. Growing up, Emma was familiar with people calling her that. In a way, being that tenacious was a good thing. But she wasn’t sure if it still was when it came to dealing with Jaime. She’d known Jaime, too, from when they took first aid together. She didn’t seem armed, but Emma still felt herself breathing faster.

“Jaime! Jaime, it’s a-alright. No one here will hurt you. Really,” she said.

Emma still felt unwell. Her mouth was still dry, she still felt like throwing up, and her legs still had trouble responding. But, she still felt the situation with Jaime could be defused. If she was just upset, and not at all dangerous, then it probably could be easy. Despite her aching muscles, she tried to pull her head up to look Jaime in the face. Like Emma, Amanda and Lucilly weren’t playing, and hopefully they’d help calm her down too. Hopefully.

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