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Lily wrinkled her nose when Jasmine brought up Caedyn. She didn't like the idea of Caedyn talking about her to other people, whether it was complimentary or not. Caedyn had seen a lot more of Lily than Lily was comfortable, in retrospect. Even if no-one would care about most of it, just the idea that she could tell others—

Although maybe cold would be a good quality in this game.

Looking in one of the drawers, Lily found an old notepad. It was a bit mouldy around the edges, and under normal circumstances Lily would just throw it away. But it was likely the best she'd get on this island. Now she just needed a pen, and Jasmine seemed to have found one.

Lily reached out to take it, and her hand froze as movement caught the corner of her eye. Through the open doorway, she saw Coleen flee the room.

Lily had… mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, one less person was one less potential danger. On the other hand, at least Lily hadn't assumed Coleen was about to shoot her only minutes before. And now she was alone with Jasmine. Jasmine, friend of Caedyn.

For all she knew, maybe Jasmine was just waiting until she wasn't outnumbered.

Lily squinted slightly at Jasmine, her hand still outstretched and frozen in place. Then she slowly retracted her hand without taking the pen, instead tearing off a sheet of paper and putting it down nearby.

Really, she didn't think Jasmine was likely to attack her. Not at this moment. Jasmine was as scattered as Lily was, probably even more so. But it just didn't hurt to be careful.

“Check, if you're not sure. I'm going to keep looking.” Lily nodded her head at the now empty library. “Coleen ran off, though. I don't like the idea of lingering here.”
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