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Really, was that the best Alan could do? That was barely every trying.

"OK, first off, you sound like Mabes, you should like go seek her out," Kaitlyn said. "For the record, the government is way too fucking incompetent to pull off something like this. They can't send an e-mail without Wikileaks or that Snowden guy finding out. I mean don't get me wrong, they're totally fucked up and they probably would, but... yeah."

Yeah, he got it. And he wasn't getting to her. Not yet, not when there was this girl offering the worst trade she'd ever heard of. Kaitlyn turned back to her.

"And uh, no. I said some bread, I didn't say all bread. I'll give you a quarter of a loaf. "

So that offer was on the table. See, Kaitlyn knew when to bend. She was tempered steel. That was the best type of steel, you know why? You know why.

And while it was there, Kaitlyn saw eyes looking behind her and glanced back. Girl#2 was on her way down the bridge as well, coming from the same way she had. At least this one Kaitlyn kind of remembered seeing in the hallways at school. Another shortie, pale ginger this time round. You know what? Being tall was really fucking awesome, wasn't it? Kaitlyn shot a glance at Alan. He knew it, too.

"Hey girl, you gonna just pass us by? Or you gonna trade?"

Who knew, maybe she'd have some cigarettes for the other girl. Who, Kaitlyn hadn't missed noticing, wasn't even offering to give he name at all. Kaitlyn made a half turn so she could keep an eye on both sides, while at the same time speaking to Alan and Girl#1.

"You know, this has gotta be like the heart of the island. It's the meeting place. Everybody who wants to pass from one side of the other has gotta go through here. Never know who's coming next. Huh."

She shifted a glance to nameless shortass Asian girl.

"What is your name, by the way?"

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