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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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With Lily and Jasmine both inside the room, her opportunity was here. Nothing stood between the door and Coleen, and likewise, her ability to leave the library and move on to the great unknown. Lily and Jasmine were great and all, but the events that transpired a few minutes ago just went to show what could happen to normally calm and reserved people in a tense situation. She assumed they were calm and reserved people, at the very least, given she couldn't remember any particular examples of drama coming from either one. They weren't like... well, Vanessa.

Coleen paused with her hand on the handle of the door. That's right... Vanessa was somewhere on this island. The very thought of Vanessa had conjured up a scenario wherein she got some sick revenge on Coleen for 'stealing' the position of lead singer in Peyote Coyote. It was an outlandish situation to dream up. Then again, it was equally outlandish to imagine all of them with bombs strapped to their necks, weapons in their hands and some evil terrorist organization they've only heard about on TV telling them to murder each other.

Unfortunately, kids listened to them in the past. Anybody who paid attention to the news at all knew that. This meant the thought of Vanessa killing somebody... of her killing Coleen, or of ANYBODY killing Coleen was no longer 'outlandish'.

It was realistic.

It was realistic, and that was terrifying.

That's why she couldn't stay here.

Sorry, guys.

((Coleen Reagan, continued along the shoreline))
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