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"Not much."

Wayne thought he could feel small vibrations in the fence as Dorothy pressed her finger against it - from her finger to the fence, into his fingers and up his arms. He considered rattling the fence a bit to send those vibrations back, but thought better of it. Too spastic. It was weird enough that he'd thought of it as a communication of some sort, that sending it back would mean some sort of physical connection, some acknowledgement that both of them were real. That they were really here, touching this fence, walled in and left to die.

He wasn't likely to get that across by shaking a fence, but perhaps that made sense, in a way. Actions meant more than words.

Truth was, he fucked up a lot. All the time. Made all sorts of mistakes. Did the wrong things on instinct, did the right things only for selfish reasons. The only thing words did was make him feel better. He could call himself a good person, and if he repeated it enough, perhaps he'd end up believing it, too.

He knew better. He supposed it was only cowardice that kept him from telling them the truth.

Wayne let his duffel bag strap slip from his shoulder, catching it in the crook of his arm. Then he unhooked his fingers. Turned himself back around. Asha had decided to sit, so he was free to assume her previous position of leaning on the fence.

"Thinking of home, I guess." If Asha was doing this for their benefit, it was probably more for Dot than for him. He let his gaze wander over towards the other girl, figuring she'd have something better to say.
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