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Jasmine looked around the room, eyes focusing themselves on one of the bathtubs in the distance. She nodded, slightly. She could agree with herself. It was okay. Well, at the very least this was okay. Not knowing something because she had never received the information wasn’t any fault of hers. Normally she’d ask a friend what happened if she ended up missing something but that wasn’t a luxury she really had anymore. So it was okay. At least more okay than the other mistakes she had made so far, which were still being pushed to the back. She didn’t know what this place was right now, but she was sure to find out later. All she needed to do was to keep exploring and she’d eventually figure out what this place was. It wasn’t a big deal. She could live with it.

A noise unlike the ones of the room called out. Jasmine froze. What was that?

Another person?

She stood still, breathing. Probably. Yes. She wasn’t sure what else the choking noise could be. Maybe an animal, but she wasn’t sure if any could survive down here, if the cold was any indication; so it had to be a person. She smiled, another person. Maybe somebody she could ally with. Maybe someone who could help her win.

Maybe someone who could fix her mistakes.

So she walked. Forward, towards the noise. She opened the big metal door at the end of the room.

And it was there where she found her possible saviour.

It was a girl, hunched over the wall of what seemed to be a shower room. Toby, she was pretty sure her name was. From the year above. Not someone she knew very well, and not someone she had on her lists. She was vomiting - not very well - onto the floor, little drips or chunks of what she had eaten. Jasmine moved her head back, a little bit. Ew. Vomit still wasn’t something that pleasant to look at, and the image of someone doing it was even worse. Still, she couldn’t turn her head away. This was a person, a potential ally. Toby hadn’t seen her yet, and they didn’t know much of each other. She could at least try to make a good first impression.

But what to say? The sight of the vomit on the floor and the sight of Toby vomiting wasn’t doing good for her quick thinking abilities. She needed… something friendly. Something assuring. She needed to establish her presence without turning Toby off of her. For Jasmine’s sake. Maybe for Toby’s sake too.

“Are you… um… okay?”

That would work.
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