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"Thaaaat's the joke!" Asha said to Wayne as she sank down against the fence, coming to rest on the ground. Not much point in trying to keep her skirt clean, really, and she could use a minute to sit down. She would've tried to keep the nominally-humor train going with a comment about her feet killing her, but it's not like walking for a while even came close to what her poor feet went through in ballet. "And I think it'd be a big knife, Dot. Machetes are supposed to like, cut through brush and stuff, right? So it's a tool you can incidentally use to kill people, not a legit weapon." Improvised weapons could never be quite as elegant as the real things.

Asha glanced at the others, then had to stifle a laugh. It looked like the three of them were posing for a photoshoot, angstily posing against the chainlink fence, gazing somberly at the ocean and contemplating. What would they all be, goth goth, pastel goth, business casual goth? Nah. No need to try to force the label. What really mattered was that they both looked like they were thinking about some serious shit.

Painting over the cracks is all well and good until the pavement shatters below your feet and you're plunged straight into hell. Asha didn't want to force anyone to talk, but keeping quiet and stewing about their future would only hurt them in the long run. She knew that everyone had to have some creeping horrors shambling through their heads right about now, and communication was a key in any relationship; even an "alliance" on death island. They could go back to making shitty puns once everyone had vented. "So. What's on your guys's minds?" Asha asked.
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Time steals us all away one day, does it not? · Northwest Cliffs