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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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If anyone were to point out Jasmine's smile, she would claim that she was trying to cheer up the room. Make things less grim and dusty, you know? Nevermind the fact that it is having the complete opposite effect. It's one of those smiles that, were she breaking it out back home, it would be way less unnerving. But neither Lily and Coleen were going to mention it, it seems. Coleen didn't even bother to follow the two of them inside of the room! That made Jasmine pout, the kind of pout a bratty kid uses when they aren't getting their way. Arms crossed under her chest, back pressed against the nearest wall, Jasmine's gaze swapped between LIly and the open doorway. She even gave an impatient huff.

Well. Perhaps that pout wasn't quite as faked as it looked. As far as Lily knew, this was just the way Jasmine expressed herself.

"... sounds like you've put a lot of thought into this," Jasmine said, impressed. "Cae told me you were smart, but you're operating on a completely different level."

Was Jasmine being genuine? Or was she being sarcastic? It was really hard to tell; after all, her behavior so far could easily be described as 'hyperbolic'. Plus, Jasmine mentioned Caedyn, and while she meant nothing by the name drop, she should have been well aware of Lily's history with the girl. Jasmine's lips creased, thinking about her, about Caedyn. Where was she? Just thinking about her, even in a dangerous situation like this, made Jasmine's heart swell and her knees tremble. She hoped Caedyn was alright. She hoped all of her friends were alright, but Caedyn especially...

. . .

"... Huh?" Jasmine shook her head. "Um, yeah, that... sounds like a good idea."

Lily continued, mentioned something about inventory? Obviously Jasmine was not paying as close attention as she would have liked. She opened another drawer and, hidden in the very back, she produced an old pen. She wasn't even sure if it worked or not. She shook it with her hand, trying to wrench a bit of cobweb off of her hand. Yuck! She hated spiders!

"Um, d'ya think this will work?" Jasmine said, holding the pen out to Lily.
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