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Jonathan's jaw dropped when he saw Barry's MAC-10. Should he be jealous that he didn't get such a good gun, or grateful that his savior has possibly the best weapon on the island. A friggen MAC-10?!! That's awesome, but at the same time kind of scary. Jonathan hoped he wouldn't see it get used. He shouldn't get hyped up over seeing a weapon like that. Jonathan looked at the floor for a moment mentally disgusted in himself.

"Um, wow. That's... That's a gun." Yeah Jon, no shit. "Well, at least we-" Something distant reached his ears. "Hey, you hear that?" Jonathan paused as the group went quiet. Was that a bell? Jonathan awaited if the noise would return. Once he heard it again, he pulled out his map. Yeah, it was a bell alright. And it was right by them. That meant there were people there. Why was it so faint for how close it is though? Maybe it was where they were at? They were in one of the darkest corners of the building after all.

"That was coming from the bell tower, you think we should check it out?" Maybe Michael was there. Hell, maybe all of them were there. Maybe they could plan some sort of escape with everyone there. If they could avoid killing each other by then, they could get off this island alive. The Terrorists would lose. That'd, well, that would be great. It was wishful thinking, admittedly, but it was better than losing hope immediately.
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