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Toby wasn't sure whether she was going to puke, scream, cry, or some horrific combination of all three.

What she wanted to do was break something. Unreality was starting to sink in, and she needed something, anything to centre herself again.

Trouble was, Toby wasn't sure this was a reality she could handle facing. It was all that she could do not to smash her head against the nearest wall. The moment she started to think, the moment panic began to set in. She was going to die. And when she died, what the hell would happen to her family? Gill, Bernt, JP - her mom and dad wouldn't be able to look after them by themselves. And what about her mom? She was in no condition to be doing anything strenuous either. What would it do to her for Toby to be missing, and then wind up turning up dead?

With chilling certainty, Toby knew that this was one huge sinking ship. She would go down, and her family would go down with her.

She really was going to puke.

Toby's vision spun dizzily, and she had to put her hand on the wall not to fall, slumping, stumbling.

And then she started to choke up what little she'd eaten over the past couple days.
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