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Sandra began to walk around again. Sandra began think again. And her thoughts, as they inevitably do, turned to what-ifs. Not what-ifs of situations on the island, of course, but what-ifs of things back at home.

What if she'd not gone on the trip? Well, she'd be safe at home, of course. She'd be with her family, and they wouldn't have to worry about her safety. Having her classmates gone would be terrible of course, and she'd probably be devastated to hear of their fates, but she'd be safe.

Here? There was no safety here. There was only ruin. Sandra thought. If she'd missed the trip, she'd be back at home. But she didn't miss the trip, and so she was here.

Home. The thought struck her, then. She wanted to go home, and that meant surviving, and that meant killing. At least once.

Sandra wanted to go home... but did she want it enough that she'd be willing to do... that?

She realized, at this point, that her thoughts were basically were going in circles. She needed to decide, right now, where she was going to cut that circle.

Sandra stopped, looking up. She made her way back inside the building, and stopped at the doorway of the room.

"Sorry about that, I'm back," she said.

She still hadn't decided.
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