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Richard Nixon stood up and revealed his real identity. Admittedly, Samuel liked this guy as much as he liked Nixon. Like most people from school, Samuel had never held a real conversation with Caleb, but he had that dickish vibe about him. He just rubbed Samuel the wrong way during their time at school.

But things were different here. Here they were expected to kill each other, and somebody was going to kill someone eventually. Samuel eyed Caleb from down the hall. Was he a threat?

Well, he didn't look like one.

Caleb greeted the two and kept his distance. Seemed like he was as wary as Samuel was. And unless Caleb had brought that mask onto the bus with him for some reason, it was probably the weapon he’d been given. Samuel felt sorry for him, but he was also relieved to see that he wasn’t armed. All in all, he seemed to be as much of a threat as Rene was, possibly even less so.

So nobody was going to attack him, or at least right now. Samuel relaxed, responding with a “Hey,” and a casual wave.

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