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Sandy left. Well, he wanted to be left alone, so… what's the worst that could happen? Well, there was death and dismemberment. But besides that? Oh man, Danny did not want his mind going down that road. There were a lot of nasty ways to kill someone. The internet loved surprise-linking to the stuff that happened on here for shock.

Shut that line of thought right down. Focus on Audrey and her cough drops, and Vacanti, the guy from Vacanti's. Audrey said Alvaro. Alvaro? That didn't sound right, he was sure there'd been an N in there, but—

Danny shuffled past Audrey and got closer to the door. He picked up his CD player from where it had tumbled in a heap after he'd thrown it at Sandy. Did it still work? Hell if Danny knew, there wasn't even a CD in it. But it was still his only weapon. Once he'd picked it up, he moved outside where Alvaro had sat down.

Yikes. Alvaro looked like shit. All smashed up.

“The fuck happened, man?” Danny gestured at his own face in order to clarify. “You, uh… you fight someone off? Are people already…?”

Nope. Didn't want to consider it.

“Or maybe you tripped?” Danny finished lamely.
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