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It was just Nancy. Nancy, would she kill them? It was hard to imagine. But to be fair, it was hard to imagine either student on this island would murder them. He had to be cautious for sure.

"We are friendly and-"

He added that while screaming up to underline Clarice's statement of him being here. He wanted to say 'friendly and unarmed'. But should he really give her the fact that he was without a weapon? That wasn't even true, he had his weapon. But he had no gun. And if Nancy had a gun, it would be bad for him and Clarice.

"-and looking for a group!" he finished. He hoped Nancy did not ring the bell just to get people here to kill them with her weapon. Her voice did not sound like that was the case, but...

"Clarice, I'm not sure if we should go up to Nancy."
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