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Enzo missed their phone.

Of all the things to be upset about, that shouldn't have been high on anyone's list. Yet, of all the things from this fucked up situation that they found really, truly getting to them was that those jackasses had taken their damn phone.

Would this whole death-murder-die business be better if they had it?

To be honest, on the overall balance of things? Yes, actually. It really kind of would. Not like, by huge amounts or anything, but it would at least let Vincenzo feel like they were doing something in SOME way worthwhile. Worthwhile in an incredibly morbid and gallows humour kind of way, but sometimes all you had was laughter.

"Imminent death problems!"

Enzo dropped dramatically to their knees.


...Well, script needed work. They'd get there.

And now they were visiting the 'ar', if the sign was to be believed.

Enzo didn't really know if they wanted to go inside or not. Drinks weren't really their thing. Maybe it would be worth giving the place a once over, just to make sure it was safe. With a deep breath, they wedged their hands into the front pocket of their hoodie and walked around to the other side of the building.

Oh hey, that was... a girl. Her name- uh... her name was... right, right, Tessa! Not somebody they really knew very well. Cochise wasn't a big enough school for there to be too many mysteries amongst the student body, but hey, social circles were a thing, and she wasn't in Vinny's. In any case, she was, or maybe had been looking over her map. Which was a good idea and something that Enzo probably should have thought of actually doing some time ago.

They raised a hand, wiggled it in a tiny little wave. "Yo."
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