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Nate really needed answers, but of course Matt couldn’t provide them. He was just as much a victim of this terrible situation as Nate was, and Nate knew it was stupid to always expect other people to be able to instantly calm the anxieties that plagued him.

How was he supposed to cope with this, though? His muscles burned from the panic he’d just experienced, and his eyes had turned a puffy red from all the agitation. His heart was still racing, refusing to slow down, and his fingertips ached from gripping the collar so tightly.

He just wanted to go home. He just wanted to go find his mom, get a hug from her and let her tell him that it was all going to be okay. He didn’t care if that sounded babyish or made him look like a little kid right now; he just needed someone to wake him up from this nightmare.

He couldn’t expect Matt to be that person, though. He really wanted to do so, shift his problems onto someone else and let them take care of it like he always did, but he knew that that wasn’t the right way to handle things, even if it was the easiest.

So what was he supposed to do?

“My head hurts.” he muttered, pressing it back into his knees as he sat there for a moment. He felt like collapsing there and then, so exhausted from everything, but the tingling sensation from the panic still coursed through his veins, keeping him consciously in his plight. When he was sick like this, he always liked a hot drink to calm him down, but it was probably stupid to hope for any hot cocoa where they were.

After a pause, Nate looked up at Matt again. "What are we supposed to do, now? I feel sick.” The exhaustion was getting to him, and the small musty room they were stuck in wasn't helping, even if it was a religious building: this one just felt spiritless and hollow. Getting fresh air with friends proved a good alternative to hot drinks when they weren’t available, and if nothing else a wander might let him see something distracting.

“Could you come outside for a walk with me?” he asked, having no better thoughts on how to phrase a fairly absurd question in their situation. "I really want some fresh air right now.”
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