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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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She had made a mistake.

((Jasmine King, continued from The Strange Case of Nadia))

She shouldn’t have stepped aside. She should have stayed in place, tried to convince the other girl to stay; she was good at that, maybe she could have gotten it even in the skull of an idiot. She shouldn’t have left Maxim alone, either. She could have probably been able to convince him as well, then she could have gotten into a group of three; it probably wasn’t the best number she could have, but it was a good start at the very least. She shouldn’t have come down here. She only meant to go down one flight of those stairs, but now she seemed to be in a basement, of some sorts. She shouldn’t have decided to check around the place regardless. It was cold. It was cold and it was wet and it was damp and she didn’t want to be here. She didn’t want to be stuck in this game while fucking Julian was sitting at home doing whatever the fuck he did. She wanted to be home, she wanted to be in bed, and all the mistakes she was making were piling up in the back of her mind and she was clenching her firsts and gritting her teeth and-

The pain in her hands made her stop. She jumped, slightly, and looked down. It was the knuckles. Her clenching her fists dug them deeper into her hands. Okay, it was best she’d stop that then. Because really, it was okay. There was no way of telling that this would have happened and there was no way that she could have planned for this. And it wasn’t like she was the only one failing. There was the other girl, for example. LIkely countless other people, as well. Nobody knew that this would happen. Nobody had planned for this, and really, it was only two people. Only one time. She could try again. Two other people, one more time. She could convince them to join up with her. And then they could convince more. And then she could lie behind them, wait for them to take each other out, and then she could win. Simple as that. She could win and everything was going to be okay.


No, that wasn’t how she could convince herself of things. She just needed to look ahead. At the future. There were going to be more opportunities. She just had to make use of them.

And at least she wasn’t stupid enough to go to the bell after she had heard it ringing. That just screamed trap. Too many people. There was probably going to be someone evil among them. If she went there all it would take was for one shot to ring out and it could have been over for her. She was better off down here.

...Despite how cold it was. She placed her hands on her arms. As futile as it was, it almost felt like it helped. She looked around, feet creating a splash as she stepped in one of the puddles on the floor. What was this place? Why were there so many bathtubs in the basement? What was the room upstairs supposed to be? There were rooms that looked into other rooms but what purpose did they have? What was this island that she was on? She wasn’t sure. There was nothing in her mind that this reminded her of. She didn’t know what this place was, she didn’t know why there were bathtubs here or what the room upstairs was supposed to be, and she didn’t know what sort of island she was on.

And unlike everything else that was on her mind right now, that was okay.
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