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Clarice waited. She thought she heard talk, but she wasn't really sure.

Then someone yelled back. She recognised that voice.

“Is that you, Nancy?” she called up.

Nancy was odd. But harmlessly odd. Clarice admitted that she didn't really understand the girl's obsession with Japan. Or idols, which Clarice understood even less about. But Nancy was a good actor. She'd been in a couple of Clarice's little film projects that were on her Youtube. And she was friendly enough.

“It's Clarice! Clarice Halwood! And I'm with Conrad Harrod! Maria Cucinotta was with us, and might catch up if we ring the bell.” She paused, then added, “Although I suppose you already did that, huh?”

Hm. What did she do now? Ring it again? Just hang out here and ring it regularly?

“Can we come up?” Clarice called. She looked behind her at Conrad and said, "Nancy's fine. Maybe a little grating at times, tops."
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