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((Alice Baker continued from World's End Girlfriend))

This place was as creepy as she could've expected. There was a tangible atmosphere of dread, and with the dingy rooms and eerie quiet, Alice couldn't help but feel like any second someone (or, more fantastical, something) was going to jump out at them.

So when Raina turned the corner into Aiden Slattery, Alice took a loud gasp and stepped back, nearly falling back down the stairs in the process. Recovering her wits, she recognized Aiden. He was one of those talkative energetic people, who wore Alice out in conversation.

Still, he seemed nice enough, and Johnny seemed happy to encounter him. Plus, Scarlett was with him, and Alice enjoyed Scarlett's company. So there didn't seem to be much issue.

Still, Alice felt uncomfortable in the presence of so many unfamiliar faces. So as the group coalesced, she hung back by the stairs, ostensibly keeping watch for potential arrivals.
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