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(Dorothy continued from her possible last word)

Barb wires? Fences? Steep cliff?

That sound like a prison to Dorothy. She was a prisoner of this island too. She imagined the people, hitting the walls of their cells, claiming their innocence. They were accused of horrible things like murder, rape, and scary thing she's rather not think about. The crime varied between the individuals.

But what was Dorothy's? She was punished for nothing. None expect living. Maybe the terrorists thought they were doing God's work by cleaning the filth, or maybe to create fear, hence terror in their name, in the population. The scariest option, however, was simple. Maybe they just did that out of fun, maybe they enjoyed looking at kids killing each other, maybe they kept the recordings of the version to watch when they're born. She truly wondered what made the terrorists tick.

They have a ton of cameras, weapons, and futuristic collar. They had to be rich. To be full of cash, you had to either inherite it or work through for it. She'd have to do research about newly made billionaires if she was to get out of here. Stop this whole thing with crying, blood, pain, death, and stupid wooden sticks.

The mood was up for humor, apparently. She tried to think about a joke involving "kill", but the most logical ones were already taken. She thought about Alex as a source of inspiration. She cleared her throat while she ran her index across the fence. The view was beautiful.

"Hey, hum."

She pushed a little more.

"Is a machete a big knife or a small sword? I know this is out of context but it's annoying me."
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Time steals us all away one day, does it not? · Northwest Cliffs