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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Nadia Riva continued from The Strange Case of Nadia))

Nadia sighed as she got off the ground, brushing any grass or dirt that was on her skirt. She opened her bag and placed her water bottle back into her bag. She had taken a few minutes to relax after she had made her way across the bridge. She didn't see anyone on the bridge, but once she started walking across it, she realized how open she was. Anyone could suddenly appear before or behind her, and the only way to avoid them would be to go over the edge. That was the less pleasing option, so she opted to simply run as quickly as she could across the bridge.

Once she was across, she needed to take a moment to catch her breath and drink some water. She didn't want to stay in the open, so she got off the path and disappeared into the wilderness. She found a quiet looking area and took a moment to rest. It also gave her time to get her surroundings in order. Looking at the map, she was slightly abhorred to realize she woke up in an asylum. In fact, the notion that the whole island was based around an asylum was discomforting. This place was probably already haunted, and now it was going to be the hosting site for a large scale mass murder.

Nadia didn't want to think about that. It was bad enough she was screwed on the weapon front and was likely to die in the next few days, but she wanted to think about the familiar ghosts and monsters instead of the figurative ones. Those somehow now made up a good chunk of the students at Cochise High School, so she needed to plan accordingly.

For now, she needed to find a better place to hide or search for supplies. She wasn't expecting to find much, but there had to be something more useful in a fight than walkie talkies. She figured there would be a lot of people heading to the buildings, but maybe if she started with one slightly out of the way, she'd be less likely to find anyone dangerous. With that, she began to walk along the coastline.

She soon found herself approaching the hunting cabin, right when she heard the sound of a bell ringing. While she briefly pondered if church was in session, she pushed it out of her mind and decided to keep going towards the cabin. Nadia was now facing the back of the cabin. She spied the backdoor over to the side. She moaned to herself. This was either going to be really dumb and get her killed, or possibly be something that could benefit her. Nadia wasn't sure if anyone was inside, but she could at least check it out.

Nadia reached into her bag and pulled out one of the walkie talkies. She didn't have anything lethal on hand, but someone like this could probably be painful if applied with enough force. At the very least, it would tell people that she didn't have much, so they might not hurt her.

She walked over to the door and crouched down onto one knee. She put her free hand on the doorknob and the other on the door itself. She slowly turned the knob, then pushed the door open as quietly as she could. Once it was open wide enough, she was ready to move inside.
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