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Rene could tell that she and Sam had one thing in common: Neither of them had a goddamn clue what they were supposed to do. So to recap, she had no plan, nobody she had spoken to had a plan, and there was still the matter of the mysterious third person in the vicinity who may or may not be a serial killer, complete with creepy mask and theme music that announces their arrival. In other words, she had made no progress at all aside from realizing that she should have just faked sick and watched YouTube all day instead of going on the science trip.

From this point came an uncomfortable silence, a time when nobody knows what to say, either due to awkwardness or dumbfoundedness, and just lets the ambient sounds of the area take over. Unfortunately, the ambient sound in the hallway now included a creaking door, and it caught the attention of both teens in the hall.

What happened next was almost indescribable. Someone leaned out of the doorway. Not too weird, at least not until one mentions the fact that they were wearing a freaking Richard Nixon mask. Then, as if they wanted to deliberately make matters worse, they threw up a peace sign. Rene didn't know what to say. Hell, she didn't know what she could say to that.

She gripped the strap of her bag tightly and stared straight at the abberation. Every synapse in her brain was telling her to run, but her feet were too busy trying to get over the shock of whatever the hell was happening at the moment. For now she could only watch as madness stared at her from down the hall.

Damn it, I was only joking when I told myself there might be a serial killer here.
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