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'If you're violent, we will come and BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!'

Didn't seem quite congruent but Ben figured he'd go along with it. He'd give a curt nod to Jerry's pronunciations at sky and future SOTF watchers. He'd even give Jerry the plan credit, where it was at least in part due.

He was feeling alright. Not exactly good, given the omnipresent circumstances of their location, state, fate, so on. But at least there was a plan, an ally. At least one weapon, some food, even a couple of shitty references. All stuff to work with, wrestle something approximating dignity out of. If nothing else, Ben intended to put the work in. All he knew how to do.

"Yeah. 'Dar-ay-us' probably isn't going to actively try to kill people. He is actively going to be a retard, I'm sure." They'd brief on the rest of their memorable peers on the way. Shit, Ben could maybe hazily recall the faces he'd seen getting on that bus? He'd been one of the first on, sitting near the back to catch a seat with some of the dudes from the team. He'd scoped out the boarders, idly mulling on possible trouble. Huh. Different definition of 'trouble' back then. Pranks and bullies were a different sort of ballgame from guns and murderers. But the headcount from the bus was the headcount on the island, and if he could remember any potentially critical info...


Shit. Jerry was fast.

"Dude, wait up!"

((Ben Fields continued in Good Omens))
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