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Bryony thanked Alba and took the clothes. Alba let her walk away from the water so she could get dressed. Alba looked out to the sea and sighed. Alba had never seen the ocean before. Her family never really had the money for family vacations. Most vacations were to visit family around Arizona, but never to anything grand like the Pacific Ocean. Now that she thought of it, this was also her first time leaving the country. Alba always thought her first time out of the country would be for a golf competition or a study abroad program in college. It was quite strange to think about how she was experiencing so much because of the kidnapping. It wasn't the best way for her to experience these things, but she found it interesting and hoped these thoughts would be of some comfort in her time here.

Alba felt the ocean breeze blow her hair in the wind. She briefly closed her eyes and inhaled the scent of the salty sea. Bryony then said she was dressed. Alba opened her eyes and turned around.

"Great," Alba said.

Alba walked over to Bryony. She then looked up and down the sides of the beach.

"I guess we should move somewhere else," she told Bryony. "So, pick a direction and walk?"

Alba shrugged. She was really fine with whatever Bryony wanted, so she wanted her new friend to have some say if she had any opinions.
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