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((Asha Sur could have just as easily been screaming this entire time.))

Asha honestly hadn't expected Wayne to come along with her and Dorothy, but people always had the capacity to pleasantly surprise you. Maybe he'd open up a bit now that they were away from Mr. Machete, maybe he wouldn't. Either option was fine, so long as he was comfortable. Asha was all for creating a positive atmosphere for anyone, no matter how distrustful or twitchy. Some people were just easier to work with than others.

In any case, they were fine for now. It didn't matter whether their party consisted of three demons, or two demons and an exorcist. Either way, the numbers were on happiness's side. Asha had no real destination in mind, but she didn't think it'd be good for either Wayne or Dorothy to be in a confined area right now. Open skies lead to open minds, so she gave the old asylum a wide berth. She itched to go inside it, to explore what seemed the set of a horror movie transported into the real world, but that'd just be selfish at this point. Anyways, it was definitely haunted as shit, so it'd be much more worthwhile to start any sightseeing once the sun went down.

Eventually, they reached the fence that was the only thing separating them from falling and breaking on the rocks below. A poetic way to die, but not pleasant for anyone involved, so Asha was glad the fence was in good condition. The view was goddamn gorgeous, meaning it seemed as good a place as any to stop for a while. Blue seas and skies, easy on the eyes. She twirled around and leaned against the fence, facing Dorothy and Wayne. Time to lighten the mood a little. "Y'know, before, I would've killed for a chance to explore a cool deserted island like this. I guess this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity," Asha said with a quick laugh.
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