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Alice gave a weak smile at Johnny as he passed. She turned around to look into the damp, foul room. While she was glad that she wasn't spending the last of her days in there, she still worried. There was the very real chance people were already dying, or would be soon.

She didn't want to die. It was such a naïve, obvious concept, but applied so aggressively to this situation. She was scared. But fear accomplished nothing. She had to be brave. Wasn't that what people said? Courage is bravery in spite of fear? So she had to be smart, resourceful, and brave.

Also sneaky. But for now, she'd stick to this group. Likely a larger group would be a more risky target. So sticking with people early on, when the killers haven't got as much resolve, seemed a safe bet. She could always slip away if things went poorly, if they got into danger.

Alice closed the door behind her, and started making her way back up the hallway with the other two.

((Alice Baker continued in Needles and Pins))
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