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No smokes. A shame. Lili's hands shook a bit more, just lightly twitching back and forth, and she dug her free hand into her jeans pocket. The feeling of denim on her hand was uncomfortable, but she didn't want to show the Attendant that she was nervous any more than she already had. "Well, better to ask and not get any then to not ask and miss out, right?" Lili said, shrugging her shoulders.

And then suddenly, they weren't the only two on the bridge. A big guy with what looked like a toy light-saber (From Star Wars. Lili was surprised at the terrorist's cruel sense of humor, as she hadn't really seen such a joke of a weapon so far) approached the two, announcing that he didn't have any cigarettes. Did nobody on this damn island have a cigarette? Lili was starting to get annoyed. At least the presence of the boy meant that the Attendant was less likely to do anything stupid. Lili eased up a bit, her hand settling down in her pocket. Slowly, she took it out and put it at her side.

Judging on their brief exchange, the boy was named Alan and the girl was named Kaitlyn. Lili was about to offer up her name, then paused. She thought back to what Eye-patch had told her on the bell tower just moments before. Scared, dangerous strangers, all afraid of each other. Eye-patch hadn't wanted to take any chances with Lili, pointing her gun at Lili without a second thought. Lili wasn't going to take any chances either. She didn't know Alan, and she sure didn't know Kaitlyn, and maybe it was best to leave it that way, at least for now.

Surprisingly enough, Kaitlyn actually made a decent offer. Lili didn't know if that was her intention all along, or if she was forced into being more friendly by Alan's presence. Either way didn't matter much to Lili. A single protein bar for a loaf of bread? Now that was a steal. Lili remembered the taste of the crackers on her tongue, and made the decision that she didn't want any of that anymore. A loaf of bread could last her a while. Bread was one of life's simple pleasures, like flying a kite or playing a CD. Lili could take comfort in bread.

"Sure, I'll give you a bar for a loaf of bread," Lili said, "Alan, if you don't mind, I could take that light-saber off your hands too. I'll give you a protein bar for it also." Lili hoped that by getting Alan over to trade as well, it would decrease the chances that Kaitlyn would try anything even more. Alan was strong and approached innocently enough, so Lili trusted him more than she did Alan, who burst into laughter like a maniac not long ago.

Lili thought back to the song she was singing earlier. It went on further.

"To show,
or be shown,
is a question,
never known,
not even by many to exist."

To show, or be shown. Lili hoped she was choosing the right option.
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