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Man, Nancy had totally ruined the line that he was going for. Now he had to think up of something else suitably cool to say. Bummer.

He was also a little disconcerted about Nancy’s initial reaction to him, but he was able to push that away into the realm of being understandable. They had rarely (if ever) talked before this, what made him think that they were going to be instantly friendly right out the gate? Well, still, he didn’t think he really deserved an “oh,” but maybe that was just him. Maybe there was something he had done to Nancy that he had somehow actually managed to push out of his memory (and in that case, good job Jeremy) that had managed to totally negatively butt Nancy’s opinion of him. Or maybe he was still a little annoyed about having to go up the stairs again. Either or.

“Yep,” he said, walking over to the opposite side of the room. He considered sitting down, but that didn’t really seem right for reasons that Jeremy couldn’t decipher or word. Instead he leaned against the wall, standing.

“That was me. Couldn’t really think up of a better way to say that, but whatever.”

Probably not something he should have said aloud, but the last part of what he said pretty easily fit the last part of this as we-

A voice called out from the bottom of the bell tower. A small tense went up Jeremy’s body. He was probably going to have to get used to that. Not because it’d help him or anything but he didn’t really like the feeling that came across him when that happened. It wasn’t even like, the good type of tensing or fear or anything like that, like the stuff you’d encounter at a roller coaster or in a fast car or something. This was probably the… unexpected type. That was probably how it worked, yeah. You go in roller coasters and fast cars because you wanted the thrill but the moment it came up uninvited it really didn’t feel that pleasant. Huh, slightly interesting. Maybe he’d jot that down somewhere if he had the ability.

But anyway, voices. They were friendly, apparently. He was willing to give them a chance, but he wasn’t the only one in the room, and at this point Jeremy didn’t feel like his decisions should matter too much. It was someone else’s game, and Jeremy didn’t really want to ruin anyone else’s chances so he’d let it be their decision. Plus, Nancy had raised that sword of hers when Jeremy initially came up. Maybe she was a little hesitant about people right now, considering the current situation. It was probably best if he let her decide.

“I’ll let you reply to them,” he said, sitting down. “If you want to, of course.”
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