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All right, so Jonathan had a tape recorder, which meant that he was functionally unarmed. Bummer. Barry didn't want to put any pressure on anyone else, so he decided to be the next one to ruffle through his bags. He knelt on the ground and unzipped his bag for the first time to uncover the secrets within.

As soon as Barry got a good look into his bag, he discovered a whole lot of survival supplies, far more than he thought their kidnappers would have provided for them. Apparently they had been expecting a long game. To be honest, Barry wasn't quite sure if that idea was more or less terrifying than the possibility that the terrorists could have left them with next to nothing. He dug through what seemed to be a wall of dry, packaged foodstuffs mixed with various other items until he felt something metallic graze his hand. His interest piqued, he pushed his first aid kit to the side to get a better shot at gripping whatever had just come into contact with his hand. He was able to grasp what felt like a handle, and pulled it out of the cluttered bag to see what he had received, unintentionally dragging a piece of paper along the way.

It was definitely a gun of some sort, that was for sure. It certainly had the shape for it. Barry had never held a gun before, but it felt unlike anything he had ever held in his hands before, certainly nothing like the water guns he had played with as a kid. Here he was holding an incredibly powerful object, a weapon that could cripple or kill in an instant. It wasn't a comfortable feeling. If anything, it only further reminded him of the grimness of their situation. He never thought that he would have something so lethal in his grip, and he didn't feel like he was supposed to.

He picked up the piece of paper with his spare hand and read the printed title aloud. "MAC-10." So that was what he had. He examined the accompanying diagram. "Huh, so the bullets go in there." He looked at the hole in the bottom of the gun where he was meant to feed the magazine. Yep, this was definitely a real gun, no fooling. He didn't really think it would be especially helpful in finding people, but at least they had some way to protect themselves. He carefully put the MAC-10 on top of the mess that was the inside of his bag, and turned to Jonathan before zipping it back up.

"We definitely need to get people together. We stand a better chance if we stand united. Us three and whoever else we meet up with."
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