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They were ignoring her.

Oh well. Asuka was too used to being ignored to mind. She'd spent a lifetime being ignored, even gotten to like it a little. She'd gotten rather good at staying invisible, at stepping lightly and leaving a light touch on everything she touched, because fuck do things go wrong when she leaves a heavy impact. And it was better to be invisible than to be hated.

Fuck, Asuka hoped these kids didn't hate her guts. That was totally, like, up to them though. It wasn't like she could tell people how to think or anything. But still.

Of all the times to cry about being lonely. Of all the reasons to cry when you're stuck on Hellmurder Island. No, it's not getting a rename. Asuka chuckled a little through her sniffles. God, this was pathetic.

Could've been worse though. She could've started full-on bawling or something. Except Asuka didn't think she could do that even if she watched someone get killed. That was pitiful in its own way, probably.

Shh shh stop your sniffling, get a hold of yourself, little girl. You only look towards yourself for validation, don't you? That's right. The hell with what other people think about you, your perspective, the things you care about. But, fuck, she needed to talk to someone about it. Needed to get it out there, because talking to herself all the time got her stuck inside her head and made her lonely.

It made her a nihilist and a solipsist. It made her go and dream the day away, because there was nothing that could be said or done that was worth saying or doing. So get your head out of your head, or put the outside world into your head, or whatever. Say your piece and live the dream.

And here she was getting her hopes up that maybe, just maybe, when most everyone was about to die, they'd all be able to find some common ground and set aside all the petty shit. Talk, listen, live and let live and all that. Die peaceful and happy and content. Together. That's what we all want, right?


And it looked like she was right. Because there was Penelope asking if Brendan was okay, and there was Brendan asking Penelope to take care of herself. See? It was glorious. It was beautiful.

Asuka needed to say her piece. Not as a speech, though. You don't shove the theme or message or whatever down the audience's throat. Yeah, it'd make them understand, but it wouldn't deliver that warm and fuzzy feeling that was the whole point of her message. It wouldn't work quite the same as seeing some doomed kids actually hug each other.

So as the boy bolted out the door and disappeared into the distance, Asuka turned to the remaining girl, Penelope, this girl who was scared of her for some reason, and she dropped her gun on the floor, and she said, between short sobs, "I'm sorry, I'm so, so, so sorry about all this, but right now I really need a hug."

There. That'll convey something approaching the right message.

And also Asuka really needed a fucking hug right now.
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