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That was only about halfway the answer Kaitlyn expected. Maybe the girl had more of a spine than she seemed. Maybe she was just dumb. And... wait, she smoked? Huh. That wasn't fitting the narrative. Maybe the girl was just lying. Looking for street cred or something. Making bad assumptions. Not that Kaitlyn begrudged smokers. She was a fan of them, actually.

"Sorry, don't smoke."

But nevermind that., Even if she did, she certainly wouldn't have offered something as valuable as cigs in return for the bar. No, Kaitlyn knew exactly what she was gonna give this girl. And she couldn't wait to see the look on her face when she said she'd give--

Leave it to some guy like Alan Banks to charge in and fuck everything up royally.


And he was just there, having (she guessed) jogged right in behind her while she was preoccupied with the girl here or something. Christ. She glanced over and confirmed that yes, it was Alan Banks, a guy who over the past four years had alternated between pissing her off royally and impressing her with his ability to piss off people who weren't her. He was complicated, for a dumb fuck. And she kinda liked that in him.

"So... hey, Alan," she said after that glance. "Uh... not gonna say it's good to see you. Like cause of the circumstances and shit. Sucks to be here, huh?"

He was also big. And toned. And Alan the Contrarian, just how was he reacting to the alien zombie invasion?

She looked back at the other girl. Too bad Kaitlyn didn't know the answer to that question. Cause now it was forcing her to play it safe. Wouldn't do to give Alan the wrong impression here, given that he was actually a... threat? No that's the completely wrong fucking word. Let's just say he was more on her level than junior girl was.

"We were just introducing ourselves," she said, half-smiling again. "I'm Kaitlyn. Uh--" at this she hefted the shield a bit -- "yeah you guys can see what they gave me. Waaay too fucking heavy. So... yeah not sure what I could give you in return, maybe some crackers or bread? I need the protein more than the carbs."

Yeah. The shield. Now Kaitlyn had another secret. She liked that.

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